About Us

Amenify was created to help people love where they live. Up until now, it was complicated to apply new ideas and technology to real estate. The market is incredibly fragmented across owners, management, and operational logistics. We simplify this process by being software agnostic and tailoring the Amenify services to fit their operations, without asking them to disrupt their day-to-day operations. We take great pride in improving communities without creating new work for onsite managers. Innovation in real estate is not about just about gadgets and apps, but changing how we think about communities and amenities. By 2050, approximately 100 million more people will move into American cities1. Most of these people will live in multifamily buildings, and we need a way to connect these buildings to relevant services. It’s not just about saving money or making things more convenient, it’s about upgrading properties to make cities more efficient. Source: 1. City Lab. May 2016. http://www.citylab.com/design/2016/05/why-we-ask-ourselves-what-would-jane-jacobs-do/481422/


Abby Gjerde

Abby Gjerde, Business Development


Abby has worked in a variety of positions where she has led business development initiatives in both the technical and educational sectors across Denver, Oregon an Washington. She brings energy to problem-solving and adapts quickly, something that has led to quick success at Amenify. When not working for a start-up she is typically snowboarding (with little cell-phone service).

Eddie Svirsky

Eddie Svirsky, Head of Engineering/Co-Founder


Eddie leads software development and engineering at Amenify. This includes creating new tools for the ecosystem and managing teams for all products and services. Prior to Amenify, Eddie has 10+ years of experience as a software architect, project manager, and software consultant for numerous companies.

Everett Lynn

Everett Lynn, CEO/Founder


Everett founded Amenify in early 2016 after working with public and private real estate investment groups. Most recently, he was at Stockbridge Capital Group, where he was able to learn from the largest multi-family operators in the country. Everett is a member of ULI and the Olympic Club, and volunteers with the CleanTech Open to find new technologies for the real estate sector.

Phil Matsuhashi

Phil Matsuhashi, VP of Business Development/Co-Founder


Phil has held leadership positions in business development and supporting partnerships in the digital space. He was head of global BD for Interactive Corp. (IACI) and ran strategy for major mobile, ad-tech, and digital monetization platforms. Among other things, Phil loves (1) getting back on defense for rec-league basketball and (2) solving complex problems in the digital space.

Trevor Squier

Trevor Squier, VP of Operations


Trevor joined Amenify in early 2017. Previously he was a Vice President at Presidio Investors, a lower middle market private equity firm. He also held a variety of roles ranging from biotechnology investment banking at Credit Suisse to a scientist that invented core technologies for the early stage startup, Semprus Biosciences, which was acquired by Teleflex for $80M. He also founded and runs a Non-Profit that improves access to healthcare in rural Tanzania.